Commission overviewIf you want to commission me send me an
e-mail ([email protected]) or contact me on Instagram!

Terms and Conditions

Breaking any of the terms & conditions may result in your order being canceled and possibly black-listed from further custom orders, giveaways, raffles, etc.

I have the full right to include commissioned pieces in my portfolio and to post them on my social media.I’ll keep a running dialogue with you through the entire process to ensure you get what you wish for :)As a creator and individual, I reserve the right to refuse a commission request to anyone I am not comfortable working with without explanation.All commissions must be paid via my webshop. I will create a private item with your name for the price of your commission and as soon you've purchased that item, I'll start the work.Commissions may not be refunded once I've started on a project, and by reading these terms, you've agreed to this. With the exception being if I myself offer a refund due to unforeseeable circumstances.
If you require the finished artwork before a specific date, let me know in advance so I can plan around it.
All prices are estimates. Some commissions might cost more if they're more detailed, if they're complex in designs or poses, or if it's a rush order. This will be discussed before any payment goes through.Revisions to your commission can be an extra cost if they require many more hours of work on my part.Once your commission has been shipped and the tracking number shows as delivered, but has not arrived it will need to be solved between you and the post office. I'm afraid I have no control over the order once it has been sent but I will assist you as much as I can if an issue comes up.ALL social media/contact information must be active, belong to you, and be correctly spelled so that I can contact you once your commission is finished. If you change your username/contact info after commissioning me, please inform me.Please make sure you have a clear and unshaded reference(s) of the character(s) you would like drawn.Lastly, make sure that you're ready to describe what you want! The more exact you are from the beginning, the easier it will be for both of us! You're welcome to sketch out your ideas, add reference photos, mood boards, and more as inspiration.If you desire something that's not listed on this site, feel free to send me a message and inquire about it anyhow.Write to me to see my NSFW portfolio with types and prices.Be sure to be aware of the terms and conditions for custom orders BEFORE commissioning me. Those who are unaware of the TOS will not be exempt from the consequences of breaking them.

Commission styles

Mosaic style Illustration: 595dkk/€80

Fully Rendered Illustration:
Starting price 1340dkk/€180
Full illustration with background

Pet Portrait: Starting price - 670dkk/€90
Realistic digital drawing, based on a picture of your pet.

Pokemon card alters
Two choices, two prices
Applies to both options:
You either send/hand me the card you want to commission of me, or ask me if I have the desired card in stock.
I will not pay the shipping upon receiving the card.
I will pay the shipping when sending the finished card to you.
I am allowed to sell prints of the altered card afterwards.
You receive the original card alter back.
I am not allowed to sell prints of the card afterwards.
You receive the original card alter back.

Custom Chokers

Starting price 450dkk/€60

A custom choker can be inspired by an OC, a character from a series or whatever else you’d like!Just provide me with reference pictures and I'll work with whatever you send me ;) I am however limited by what ribbon I do have, so don’t expect to get something exactly the same as a picture. We’ll have to get creative!If you do not want the finished choker I have the right to sell it as an item in my shop.Custom choker submissions requesting offensive words/symbols will be denied.Certain 18+ type chokers may be denied. If you would like to know whether the design you would like falls under any of these categories, feel free to ask.I DO NOT condone the use of my chokers for any of the following: reselling at a higher price, ANY NSFW activities involving a minor or cosplayed minor character including photos/videos that are sexually suggestive in any way, any 18+ content posted on any public social media that are accessible to minors. The reason for this is that my chokers are made to help people express themselves through fashion/cosplay/etc and not meant to be used for sexual exploitation involving minors, minor characters, or minor accessible places such as public instagram/tiktok/youtube/etc accounts. (There's a big difference between publicly posting 18+/NSFW/lewd content on public accounts and posting it on private accounts or adult-only sites/apps/spaces.) I will not sell to anyone who breaks this rule and will warn other shops with this rule about anyone who breaks it.Custom chokers may ONLY be returned/refunded if they arrive damaged. Any return requests MUST be made no more than 48hrs after tracking number is listed as delivered. If an order needs to be returned, all contents that the package arrived with must be sent back. Returns follow the refunds and returns TOS.